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I'm Akisstan


I got your back and your face, shoulder, neck, arms, feet............


I'm your massage therapist, sound therapist, and sound therapy personal trainer

Education and Experience

Professional Background

​AK (Akisstan) is the founder of AK Hug Massage and the Sound TherapyHK. He's known as one of the best professional Massage Therapist , Sound Therapist and Sound Therapy Personal Trainer in Hong Kong. AK's purpose and passion in helping people transform into good health, stop  negative thoughts with professional massage,singing bowls, tuning forks, wind gong bath, men's skin reborn facial treatment with 7 chakras healing, smudging with white sage and Palo Santo holy wood healing treatment. A good treatment should touch you on three levels - physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'm a full time skilled personal Certified Massage Therapist, Qualified Sound Therapist. Moreover, I'm a Sound Therapy Personal Trainer and my sound self-healing classes are open for students every month. I was trained by Nepal Sound Healing Master Sunil Bista Private Class in Hong Kong(SB Sound Healing), and at the Kathmandu Center of Healing, Nepal. Sound Massage Therapy is able to heal myself as well as my customers.

I'm very proud and honored to be rated again as 2020 & 2019 Massage Audience Awards 5 Star Hong Kong Winner by Furthermore, I was awarded the only 5 Star Hong Kong Winner in 2015, 5 Star in 2016 & 2017, 4 Star Winner in 2013 & 2014. In 2018, I'm proud to be approved as a Certified Masseur by, and 5 Star rating as well in 2018 & 2019. If you're looking for a great and relaxing massage and sound therapy by a healthy and strong Asian Man, undoubtedly I'm your True Professional Massage and Sound Therapist in Hong Kong.​ Moreover, I'm a freelance writer and a website designer.


Professional Recognition

  • Certificate in Singing Bowl + Tuning Fork Healing Treatment Advanced Training Course By Nepal Sound Healing Master Sunil Bista  Private Class in Hong Kong(SB Sound Healing)

  • Certificate in Nepal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy -  Kathmandu Healing Therapy Center  Nepal

  • Certificate in Massage for reclaiming Body & Soul - Eastern Therapy for Therapeutic Massage Canada

  • Certificate in Facial Training & Skin Care Therapy Program - Oasis Facial Academy Canada

  • Certificate  in Thai Herbal Compress & Herbal Aroma Massage - The Thai Spa Academy International Thailand

  • Certificate in Classic Thai Herbal Massage Therapy - Spare Time Center Hong Kong

  • Certificate in Chinese Medical Chiropractor & Pressure Therapy Training - Spare Time Center Hong Kong



AK酷愛旅遊,足跡遍達世界數十多個國家,這一趟,他來到隱鄉尼泊爾,[ 慢 ]才是這裡的樂趣,他被尼國的純樸自然吸引著,此時此刻,卻在此遇上了[ 頌缽 ],就是這麼多湊巧,絕非偶然,人生就是一場旅行,邊走邊看,邊遊邊學。這趟旅途上,頌缽就是他生命中該出現的療癒工具,他決定停留在此生活下來,學習頌缽聲頻療癒法,相遇不是偶然,必然有它的道理,可能是AK前世種下的[ 因 ],今生才有這相遇的[ 果 ],一切看起來似是偶然,其實早已命中註定他要成為一個聲頻療癒師及導師,幫助別人軀走體內負能量、淨化氣場,為人為己,自我療癒,回歸自我。

AK(Akisstan)是Sound Therapy Workshop(聲音療癒工作坊)的創始人。他是香港的專業聲頻治療師及聲頻療癒私人教練之一。 AK 的宗旨是幫助別人凈化身體氣埸,令身體重回健康,真正健康的人必須達到[身心靈]三方面的平衡,通過頌缽、音叉、風鑼及其他療癒工具去調整人體七脈輪能量,清理體內負能量及停止負面思想。他為期半天的聲頻教學自我療癒一對一抗疫工作坊,將學習快速如何使用頌缽及音叉的基本手法。頌缽簡單易學,音叉容易上手,回歸自我。


AK went to Nepal to stay physically & mentally relaxed

Sound Therapy Personal Trainer AK, loves to travel, and has traveled over 55 countries in the world. This time, he came to the hidden homeland of Nepal. [Slow] is the fun here. He is attracted by the simplicity and nature of Nepal. At this moment, he came across [Singing Bowls], it was just so many coincidences, not by chance, life is a journey, watching while walking, learning while traveling. On this journey, the Singing Bowl is the healing tool that should appear in his life. He decided to stay here and live and then learn the Singing Bowl Sound  Healing Method. The encounter is not accidental, there must be a reason for it. It may be planted by AK in his previous life. The [cause], the [effect] of this encounter only in this life, everything seems to be accidental, in fact, he was destined to become an Sound Therapy Personal Trainer and Sound Therapist, helping others to remove the negative energy in the body, purify the aura, and be a human being. For yourself, heal yourself, return to yourself.

An Interview with AK Massage
& Sound Therapist

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