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“Sharing your massage & sound therapy experience about AK Hug Massage/Sound TherapyHK that means you really help the local guys and the other travellers when they select a massage therapist in Hong Kong."

What You Need To Know
Before You Getting A Massage


Tony, Australia

"I went to AK for his scrub and massage combination for 150 minutes. AK has a well setup area for massage with a huge range of oils and lotions. He gives a mix of styles in his massage and his hands are strong and his touch hits all the right pressure points. I left AK feelig rejuvenated with muscle stress gone. Be sure to try AK next time you are in HK."


Zhipeng & Bruce Couple, Australia

"We were welcomed AK's cozy earthy studio with 3 hours back to back massage booked. What can I say, brilliant  delivered! Some really unique moves we've definitely never experienced before and eased our travel stress instantly. If I go back to HK and need a good rub, I'll go for AK, so should you?."


David, US

"AK is one of the best. He came to my hotel earlier this week and gave me a body scrub, massage and facial. It was wonderful. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed at the end. He is friendly, strong, easy to talk to and enjoyeable to be around."


Werner, US

"If you want a real massage, then you have to go to AK. The best massage I had have in HK! I can highly recommended AK."


Julio, Venezuela

"Excellent people, professional services, helpful and above all, the most important thing is that he really is a massage therapist. I recommend."


Patrick, Germany

"Had 90 fanastic minutes with a mix of oil massage and herbal balls massage. AK is a wonderful masseur, deep and soft at the same time. Can warmly recommend."

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